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  • is a network which currently joins together about 50 European drug helpline services
  • has a charter setting out the ethical principles to which all members of the Foundation adhere
  • has representatives from the Member States of the European Union on its Board ,who are experts in drug helpline work

Drug Helplines Online and Interactive (DHOI): a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership on Social Media in Drug Helplines

Drug Helplines Online and Interactive (DHOI): a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership on Social Media in Drug Helplines

Since August 2013 a group of 6 Drug Helplines have liaised with 2 educational bodies to set up a new Leonardo da Vinci partnership with the aim of pooling knowledge and experience for Drug Helplines to develop skills and know-how on Social Media. As part of the European ‘Life Long Learning Programme’ they will hold a number of partner meetings and have mutual study visits from now until July 2015.

Drug Helplines have long been a source of information and support but this project will allow drug helplines to expand their influence 'beyond the phone' to embrace social media communication such as Facebook, twitter etc.

Once the telephone was the main way of communicating. This situation has changed greatly in recently years and it is apparent that Helpline services must expand their range also in order to reach their target group, some of whom would prefer to communicate online. There are many definitions, but Wikipedia defines Social Media as "the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue". The word platform features widely in Social media definitions and this project proposes to act as a platform for Drug Helplines to learn from each other and from our colleagues in the educational field how to establish and manage Social media platforms.

The envolved Drug Helplines are: Drugs/HIV Helpline (Ireland), RUSTelefonen (Norway), PERSEAS (Cyprus), Alcohol-, Drugs-, en Roken Infolijn (The Netherlands), De DrugLijn (Belgium), Solidarnost (Bulgaria). The educational bodies ara Cavan Institute (Ireland) and the Norwegian School of Information Technology (Norway).

As with previous partnerships and EU-projects, FESAT wishes to disseminate the outputs and benefits of this project amongst all those involved in the FESAT-network. In doing so, this project will enable all who wish to get involved to begin to use social media and therefore increase the accessibility of their services to the general public.


We will keep you informed via our website and hope to invite all those interested in attending a free training seminar in Spring 2015.

To stay involved or learn more about this partnership, do not hesitate to contact us at info@fesat.org.

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